Last of main restrictions removed in the Yorkshire Dales

Following well over a year of "stop / start" national and local regulations put in place to contain the COVID19 pandemic on Monday 19th July 2021 the last of the main restrictions on socialising and travelling in England were finally removed, heralding the possibility of a much anticipated boost for tourism in Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales.

Thanks to a highly successful vaccination programme there is some confidence that the spread of the virus is now under some degree of control. However it should be noted that the situation remains under constant review, and visitors to the Yorkshire Dales and the UK in general should check out the latest information from local authorities and general coronavirus advice from the UK government before making travel plans.

Furthermore not all businesses and attractions may have reopened yet, and in some cases pre-booking is required, so visitors are advised to check with specific operators as appropriate.

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[News item posted by Eagle Intermedia July 2021.]

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