The Ingleton Waterfalls Walk

Pecca Twin Falls Hollybush Spout
More views of the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk.

Starting out from Ingleton Village itself the famous waterfalls walk leads up one valley along the River Twiss or Doe* and then back down another valley following the River Greta*. Along much of the way the rivers cascade through picturesque narrow gorges and rocky impasses featuring many dramatic waterfalls.

Thornton Force

Probably the most spectacular, and certainly the highest of the waterfalls is Thornton Force (pictured above), where the river falls over a high limestone cliff into a wide open pool at a local beauty spot which is very popular - especially in the summer.

Beezley Falls

Being formed along the north eastern edge of the Craven Fault the waterfalls walk is of particular interest to geologists. [N.B. Please click here for more information about the geology of the Yorkshire Dales.]

* = There is actually some confusion as to the names of the rivers - as was pointed out by Wainwright in his description of the Ingleton waterfalls walk in his book Wainwright in the Limestone Dales (pictured above), though both meet to form the River Greta in Ingleton (the name of which downstream is not in contention). Any confusion can be avoided, however, by using the names given to each tributary further upstream as Kingsdale Beck (in the case of the north western valley of Kingsdale) and Chapel Beck (in the case of the south eastern valley of Chapel le Dale).

More views of the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk.

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