Thanks to the popular Yorkshire TV soap opera of the same name, the fictional "Emmerdale" is arguably nowadays one of the most famous "places" in the whole of the Yorkshire Dales area - even though it doesn't actually really exist!

At present the TV show is filmed on a purpose built set just outside the dales on the Harewood House estate near Harrogate, though title sequences for very early episodes of the soap (when it was then called "Emmerdale Farm") were filmed up at Arncliffe in Littondale (from where it is believed the series derived its title - "Amerdale" being the ancient Norse name for Littondale).

For a long period the village of Esholt (just outside Bradford in West Yorkshire's Bronte Country - but not actually even part of the Yorkshire Dales area) was used as the fictional village of "Beckindale" - where most of the action in the series is set.

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