Kingsdale is an elevated wide valley between Gragareth and Whernside situated above Ingleton which was formed by glaciation in the last ice age.

Kingsdale Bowland, viewed from Kingsdale, near Ingleton Looking down Kingsdale Looking down Kingsdale Kingsdale Ingleborough and White Scars, viewed from Kingsdale

The upper part of Kingsdale is usually dry, but Kingsdale Beck rises at the debouchure of Keld Head from where it flows on towards Ingleton, becoming known as the River Twiss*, Doe* or Greta* just above Raven Ray and Thornton Force on the famous Ingleton waterfalls walk* further down the valley.

[* N.B. = There is actually some confusion as to the names of this river - as was pointed out by Wainwright in his description of the Ingleton waterfalls walk in his book Wainwright in the Limestone Dales.]

The valley is famous for its numerous caves and potholes, including Yordas' Cave (which was formerly a show cave in Victorian times) and the Kingsdale master cave system (for experienced pot-holers only).

[N.B. Please click here more information about caves, caving and potholing in the Yorkshire Dales.]

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