Thieves' Moss

Thieves' Moss, Moughton Limestone pavement on Thieves' Moss, Moughton

Thieves' Moss is a boggy area of flat land and limestone pavement which lies below the main plateau of Moughton near Austwick.

Formed by the scouring effect of a glacial ice sheet, it is claimed that Thieves' Moss was once used as an arena for the sale of stolen livestock by sheep and cattle rustlers (hence the name). Situated within an elevated natural amphitheatre beneath Moughton Scar the site is hidden from view from the valley below, and so this theory certainly sounds plausible.

Thieves' Moss, viewed from Sulber Gate, Moughton Thieves' Moss, viewed from Sulber Gate, Moughton

Thieves' Moss is overlooked by Sulber Gate and the cliffs of Moughton Scar. At the bottom end of Thieves' Moss is the Beggar's Stile.

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