J.M.W. Turner

Turner in his Time

Joseph Mallord William Turner was one of Britain's greatest artists, one of the undisputed masters of both oil and watercolour paintings.

Born sometime around 1775, much of J.M.W. Turner's works were landscapes, and he toured the Yorkshire Dales and nearby Lake District areas of northern England, painting dramatic scenes of mountains and waterfalls which also served as inspiration for the English romantic styles.

Places painted by Turner in the Yorkshire Dales area include Hardraw Force, Weathercote Cave, and Gordale Scar near Malham.

In later years Turner turned his attention to the Industrial Revolution, with his atmospheric depictions of trains and steamships making much use of the interplay of light with weather pioneering a romantic style which prepared the way for the Impressionist movement.

J.M.W. Turner died in 1851, and many of his works can be viewed at the Tate Gallery in London.

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In 2014 a film about Turner was released to international acclaim. "Mr. Turner" (the DVD poster for which is pictured above) was directed by Mike Leigh and starred Timothy Spall in the title role.

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